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April 21, 2021
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Welcome To Lady Payne Accounting

Are you looking for professional bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services, or income tax preparation in Indiana? Look no further than Lady Payne Accounting for all your needs. Lady Payne has been providing Indiana residents and businesses with professional bookkeeping and income tax services since 2001. Owner Regina Payne, is an "Enrolled Agent" with the Department Of Treasury, and has over 20 years experience providing accounting and bookkeeping services.  Her daughter Becca has been a tax preparer since 2011.

Knowing your true bottom line while squeezing every legitimate dollar from your income tax returns is of upmost importantance. The new tax laws also present many changes that you or your business may need to deal with. Lady Payne will hold your hand through the maze of new income tax codes, show you where your bottom line is, and will even teach you what you need to know to take command of your business.

Owe Back Income Taxes?

There is nothing quite like the stress that comes from having years of un-filed taxes. As an Enrolled Agent, Regina can represent you before the IRS to assist you getting in compliance, and possibly even save you thousands of dollars in unpaid income taxes. Let us help you take advantage of little known pathways already in place by the IRS that can get your taxes in compliance, and relieve you from the stress you carry over them.

Accounting Made Easy

We know that dealing with financial matters can be daunting. At Lady Payne Accounting you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and attitude with which we conduct business. We're not here to judge your mistakes or how you spend your money, we just want to help you from repeating them while finding legitimate ways to get you more you can spend.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Follow the links above for additional information about specific interests, and contact us at anytime during you visit through the "Contact" link or by calling. Experience the difference of true professionalism with the feel of having a friend in the business with Regina and Becca at Lady Payne Accounting!